Bloomsbury Spirit

A commissioned work for Artipelag in Stockholm, for an exhibition curated by Bo Nilsson and Ingela Lind about the Bloomsbury Group.

A British group that a 100 years ago had great ideals, where they valued friendship, the honest conversations and sexual openness higher than careers and money. In the group were, among others the writers Virginia Woolf and E.M. Foster, the economist John Meynard Keynes, the painters Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Roger Fry.

My part is six paintings each 4 x 3 meter, placed in front of windows. The task was to make the light able to get in, the landscape outside not visible. The solution I chose is thin linen, painted with acrylic. Some places you do see the trees and sky through.

Three of the paintings depict places frequented by the Bloomsbury Group in London, 3 the landscape and gardens in Sussex, where the group also lived. It's not my idea to paint the places one to one, but rather to provide the works with a sense of memory that is characterised by the ideals of the group; the importance of the present. 

The titles are quotes from Virginia Woolfs novels.

The exhibition is so much more than my works. Take a look at Artipelags page.

© karen gabel madsen

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